A doll convention for the fans, by the fans!

Dear Fans and Attendees of the Atlanta BJD Convention,

This is very hard for me to write but bear with me and please read this through. The doll convention has been something I put my heart and soul into, something I wanted for the doll community, and something I wanted for the artists to showcase their creations. I think in it’s short run we succeeded in that to some degree. We brought panels that hadn’t been at some conventions, we had a ton of fun and folks kept pitching in and helping it grow. I don’t think I have ever had this awesome a group of volunteers to work with ever and they deserve so much thanks and such from me that I don’t know if I will ever be able to repay them. All of them have been with us since day one in support and encouragement. Nothing is ever perfect and we’ve had those who were not happy with the con for one reason or another but the MAJORITY embraced it and wanted it. Sadly things often don’t work out the way we want and today I am having to write that, as of the posting of this letter, we are canceling the convention.

The reason for canceling is that we don’t have the money to fund it this year without going deep into debt. There are many factors as to why this happened the main being that we fund this mostly out of our pockets and past convention fundage. Sadly last year at end of convention we were $4,000 in debt. There was no overage to put back into the convention; everything went to paying the hotel at the end of the convention. We even took funds out of savings to pay for the convention. And this would have been fine as Kip and Jen usually put aside money each year to put into new business endeavors. However, heading into the winter we lost several of our major shows we do, then several other shows, we sell clothing and dolls at conventions, were miserable as far as us making the money we needed to survive on. If one of our major shows had done better we would be having the convention, but show after show after show we just didn’t do what we needed in revenue. In the end I cannot ask Kip and Jen, who fund the convention, to go into winter again not knowing if we can feed ourselves, if we can pay mortgage etc. So, we had a decision and that decision, though hard to make, is that we have to cancel the show for this year. We HOPE that at some point we can bring it back but right now we cancel.

What does this mean for those of you who have bought tickets? Beginning Monday we will start refunding everyone money paid for attendance, dinner with Peter Beagle, and vendors. We ask that if you have any issues getting refunds for hotel or air fare to contact us via email so we can figure out what to do on that. We are hoping this is early enough that things will be OK on both airfare and hotel .

For those who bought pre-reg tickets: So many thanks and so much love and I am sorry that I cannot give you the convention you wanted. We will however be sending you the goody bags that were going to be giving you. We will contact you via email to get street addies to send the bags to but we wanted you to have them as a thank you for supporting us. We will also be asking you to include what doll sizes you would like to see for your goody bag. We intend these to be the best goody bags in content as a thank you for the support you have given us over the years. We do appreciate it.

I am hoping this is not the end. We are hoping this is not the end. We will keep you updated on all things and as always we will be honest with you on how things are going as I have been from day one.

~Renee Newsom

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