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Plesiosaur found by asian fisherman

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A rotted dead body accidentally netted by a asian nation trawler near New island in 1977 has often been claimed by creationists and others to be a likely plesiosaurus or period "sea-monster." Plesiosaurs were a sort of long-necked, rapacious marine reptiles with four paddle-like limbs, belief to have gone inactive with the dinosaurs just about 65 one thousand thousand years ago. Paleontologist Bob Schaeffer at the american english Museum in New house of york noted that every ten period or so a carcase is claimed to be a "dinosaur" but always turns out to be a basking shark or teenage whale. However, different lines of evidence, including lab results from weave samples assumed from the dead body before it was discarded, powerfully import to the specimen being a shark, and most likely a basking shark. Alwyne wright of the the british depository of Natural History, agreed that the body was probably a shark. This should not be surprising, since basking sharks are known to decompose into "pseudoplesiosaur" forms, and their carcasses feature been incorrect for "sea-monsters" many multiplication in the past. Explaining that sharks tend to decompose in an unusual mode (addressed far below), bicycler added, "Greater experts than the altaic language fishermen person been frustrated by the similarity of cheat dead body to a plesiosaur" remaining western scientists offered their own interpretations; biologist Alan Fraser-Brunner, vivarium keeper at the capital Zoo in Scotland, recommended the body was a dead sea celebrity (Koster 1977), contempt the creature's huge size.

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By Dr Pierre Jerlström The wealth of fossilized plesiosaur skeletons declare that these creatures roamed the waters of the past. modern finds of plesiosaur-like carcasses, on the past hand, have been controversial. Of all plesiosaur-like creatures washed up on shores around the world, basking sharks report for over 90%.

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Parkie; a new 'pseudo-plesiosaur' washed up on the Nova Scotia Coast -

By Pierre Jerlström and h de Roos A ‘pseudoplesiosaur’ carcass recovered on the Nova Scotia coast was exhaustively studied. Its leading extraneous and interior features were examined and photographed, and some tissue samples were added analyzed in the laboratory. The carcass was understandably known as that of a basking shark.
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