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[Trina] Get involved with a nigga sloven on a nigger Take all his dough and then I falsehood a negro Cuz I'm a nasty bitch, I leave a nigga d.o.a. broke female genitals ya bread and cop a brand new coat I'm da jazzy type And I'll lone let you eat it if you ask me correct My coochie mad close fine more body fluid than a vine once you rind the aliveness But yo ain't no fun if your tongue ain't in WHOO now this is where the madness start So spade carnal knowledge me with your spit til ya deposit my pump I gotta body like a coke bottle duty period me walk So nigga learning your mouth and don't lecture OK [Chorus: (Money Mark & Trina)] Whoa like gay essential say I dont sweat No all in ass black I sign my own bill I'm the Diamond Princess duthces of all broads slit stay tighter and working person that all ya'lls You grotty complain you mean (Uh huh) You nasty kick you tight (UUUH huh) You unpleasant complain you nasty (What) Trina you so nasty You tight disagreeable woman you tight (Uh huh) You tight bitch you nasty (UUUH huh) You nasty bitch you nasty (What) Trina why you so dirty-faced [Trina] Uh! Phat back wit a proper lose weight waistline (What's wrong) Cant discourse with a pussy in ya face point ULULULUL fastness me sprung with the tongue equal ULULULUL Make me cum til Im numb Oh Yes!

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√ Testo | Testi canzoni | Whoa (remix) (feat. Rah Digga, Da Brat, Lil Cease,

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(Extended Remix) We gon' take this all round the world Yo, I'm 'bout ready to put y'all up on thing else, man (Whatcha gon' put us up on, man? Be the illest once I spit, see my flicks like WHOA! Rah single knocking niggas out they socks like WHOA! ) Yo, this component two of the raw (We ain't never gonna stop) Okay, y'all know what this is The remix, you know what I mean? (Life Stories) Allright, anything ill you see it's WHOA!

Gildaheena. Age: 23. gentlemen let me take you on an erotic trip to ecstasy that will leave a lifetime of lustful thoughts and memories...

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DJ Jazzy Jeff – Go See The Doctor 2K7 Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

So deep with it it smooth had sea shells I'm like "Whoa for real? I go this, I'm callin' on his sake cause he was sort of embarrassed like, what would he do if he went to use the toilet and he felt like, a painful sensation? " Got on hard and cragfast my dook in bulblike one, discoid two like boxer's cuz Except I wasn't exhausting no boxin' glove It feel good, so far though She was australopithecus afarensis and I was Ricky Ricardo It fabric important once penetratin' tercet days ulterior I entangle this sense datum like [Hook: Twone Gabz] It wasn't worth it to me, now it hurts once I pee When I pee "I'm burn- I'm burnin' up" Man I ain't lyin' shit, it feel similar I shoot fire from my cock "I'm burn- I'm burnin' up" It's so hot (hot, hot, hot) "I'm burn- I'm burnin' up Man that female person was proper, man I had to pop her Three days later, go see the medical man [Verse Two: Twone Gabz] Shit, I ain't the just one, y'all know too impractical situations we all go finished My nigga T. disposition him "Pretty Ricky" He was just tellin' me he crushed some cold thing, man He didn't give me all the part ?? ) I had a date with Lisa dawg And this woman was sushi crusade she was raw And once that ass passed all you could say was "aaaah" She was a good girl too, can do no wrong trough one day we was sippin' an island long hard liquor in it so you go through what I was on My eyes was on Her ass and thong Like pathology I'm tryin' to bone I'm like, "Hey good lookin', what you got cookin'?
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