Costume Contest

We welcome you to create something whimsical, beautiful, and we look forward to seeing everything you bring into life for your doll.

The Fairy Courts Light and Dark

Who will you choose?

The Seelie known as ‘The Shining Throne’, The Golden Ones’, and the ‘Light Court’ Linked to Spring/Summer of Halcyon days and beauty and light.

The Unseelie known as ‘The court of Shadows’, ‘the Unblessed Ones’, and the ‘Dark Court’ Linked to Autumn/Winter of dark and stormy nights, the shadows, and nightmares.

There is a ton of lore about the fey and the courts, Seelie and Unseelie, and we welcome you to bring that lore into your costuming for your doll.

Mist on the Water
by Renee Newsom

Mist on the water, mist on the shore
Come weary traveller through the elven door
Where faeries dance amid silken laughter
In the varied realms of the everafter
And faerie warriors guard the shining way
And the glamour beckons you to stay
To sing and dance and join in faerie games
Where no one fears to share their secret names
The flowers are homes to the folk of the realm
And the dryad lives in the midst of the elm
You will dance to the strains of your hearts desire
And marvel at sight of faerie fire.



Costume must be made by you for your doll.

Store Bought
Bought from a store or another person for your doll.


Costumes will be judged by a panel of judges chosen from the guests at convention as well as your hosts.

There will be First, Second and Third place prizes.

There will also be a best in show that will be voted on by attendees of the convention.


Only one of your dolls can be entered in only one category.This means if you want to enter a doll it can only be entered in one category and you can only enter one of your dolls in the contest.This is to make it fair to those who also have entered dolls into the competition.