Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Atlanta Ball Jointed Doll Convention LLC is three day event in it’s first year.

We plan on this being a bit of a party, a bit of a meet up, and full of information, fun events, tons of panels and a whole lot of awesome.

Our goal each year is to bring you panels/workshops you have never seen before and having doll artists not only from the US but from around the world

Where is the convention going to be?


Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia

4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30346

What is a BJD/Ball Jointed Doll?

A ball jointed doll is any doll with a ball and socket joint. As far as we are concerned any strung doll with socket joints counts. The dolls that we commonly associate with the lettering BJD come originally from Japan but now also are made in China, Korea, USA and more.
For more information please go here…


Also Den of Angels is a good source for information as well…


What’s some dolly etiquette to know?
(linked with permission of Doll Akon)



Are other dolls welcome?

Yes! Any and all dolls are welcome except for illegally made copies called recasts.

How much does it cost?

April through June 35.00

July through September 40.00

At the door 45.00

There will also be day passes available at registration.

Any questions just email register@atlantaballjointeddollconvention.com

Payment can be made via paypal here…


Where can I contact you if I have questions about anything

( vendoring/attendance/location/ etc)?


Our mailing address is:

3316 South Cobb Dr STE 345 Smyrna GA 30080



Con Chair

Renee Newsom teacupdreams@yahoo.com

Treasurer/Scheduling/Vendor Room Liason

Jennifer Vanderloop wolfhome_adventuring@hotmail.com


Kip Campbell wolfhome_adventuring@hotmail.com

Want to volunteer?
or – can’t come but still want to help?

We’d love to have your help. If you would like to volunteer contact one of us and let us know what you would like to do.

If you cannot be here then spread the word by liking our facebook page…


Posting about us on doll forums, tweeting about us, blogging about us, just post a link to our webpage…


Recast Dolls

Atlanta Ball Jointed Doll Convention fully supports the artists, sculptors and companies who create BJDs. What this means is that we are anti- recast. Anti-recast covers any illegal copy being made of a doll. Some words covering illegal copies will be as follows: Recast, Bootleg, Counterfeit, Copied None of the illegal dolls will be allowed to be sold, traded, displayed or promoted at the event or any events we host. Only dolls legitimately created by the artists and companies owning the sculpt, design, copyright and/or license are welcome at this convention. This also means that we ask you to not bring any illegal doll, i.e., recast, bootleg, counterfeit, etc to the convention.

Anyone that brings one to the convention will be asked to leave should we find out that you have one with you.

I am in full support of my artists and vendors and will not tolerate them being stolen from. So please please do not bring your recast with you.

Thank you.